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Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Our Missions

  • Partner with companies that need staffing and customize a training program that will assist in training and guarantee jobs for soldiers and veterans that complete the program.

  • Provide a training and workforce center that will benefit veterans, active-duty personnel, their family members, first responders, and non-military personnel looking for non-traditional accelerated hands-on and virtual training programs.​

  • Develop an onsite, hands-on, and virtual training program.

  • Assist thousands of active-duty soldiers, veterans, and their family members across the United States in obtaining the latest job opportunities to enrich their lives and support their communities

  • Create a nationally certified workforce program in which large, medium, and small businesses will provide partnership opportunities to enhance their field and support programs

  • Provide opportunities that pay successful participants starting salaries of 67K per year with bonuses.

Georgia Economic and Job Creation Impact 2022 - 2023

  • Jobs 100 - 500

  • Economic Impact $2,080,000 - $15,600,000

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