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VTEC Metaverse Training

VTEC has added virtual reality training to its training program!

Twenty-three years ago, people were saying the internet was a fad. They also said smartphones, wi-fi, drones, video conferencing, and other technical advances wouldn't be around either. Moreover, at one time, directions were given by a GPS navigator attached to your windshield. Now, smartphones provide the service and much more. 

The Metaverse, virtual reality, and similar technologies are here to stay and advance. The most advanced industries and professionals use this training daily, such as the military, surgeons, manufacturing, education, and others. 

VTEC understands, embraces, and is developing our Metaverse to train workforces, individuals, students, and people worldwide. VTEC's hybrid training solution of video conferencing, classroom, virtual reality, and in-the-field training guarantees success for the trainee and our partners. 

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